How to Remove a pinned website or program

Remove a pinned website or program in windows

With the introduction of Windows 7, you can pin a program or web page to the Windows Taskbar, the Start Screen (in Windows 8), or the Start Menu. Pinning creates a shortcut to that program or web page in one of these areas, rather than on the more traditional Desktop. If you’ve pinned an item, you can remove it (also known as unpinning) by following the steps below.

Unpinning a program or website

  • Locate the pinned program or web page that you want to remove.
  • Using the mouse, right-click on the pinned program or web page.
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, select the Unpin option.

Note: The exact Unpin option text will differ depending on the location of the pinned item. For example, if a program is pinned to the taskbar, the option will be named Unpin from the taskbar.

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